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Beach Cruisers Rentals

Beach Cruisers

Simple, colorful and comfortable; our beach cruisers are the best option to discover West Los Angeles with ease! Plus we have the best bike rental prices in Venice Beach, so you can’t go wrong!

Starting at $6/1-hour and up to $110/week.

Premium Bikes

From Beach Cruisers with Gears to Fixies and Road Bikes or even tricycles, discover our extensive selection of Premium Bikes for rent.

Starting at $7/1-hour and up to $130/week!

Super Premium Category

Super Premium

Fat Tire Bikes, Low-Riders or Recumbents bikes for maximum style and comfort. Those bikes are so premium we had to call them “super”.

Starting at $8/hr.


Romantic getaway or Bro-mance? Whatever the reason is, riding is more fun on a double-seated bike!

Starting at $12/hr.

Kid’s Stuff

Bikes for kids and teens or attachments for the small ones. Discover our convenient rentals for all ages!

Starting at $5/hr.

Roller Skates & Boards

Enjoy Venice Beach’s skate park or roll onto the famous bike path with our inline skates, skateboards and long boards!

Starting at $7/1-hour and up to $130/week!