Electric Kick Scooters

Come check out our Electric Kick Scooters “A New era in urban mobility” and a super fun way to enjoy Venice differently!
With a top speed of 18mph (30 Kph), those are FOR ADULTS OVER 16YO ONLY!

Very well balanced and easy to ride, our U-Scooters Electric Kick Scooters don’t require any practice.
Come try them out, guaranteed to bring a smile on your face!

Forget about slow and costly Segway® or even Self Balancing Scooters, this is THE BEST FUN you can get for your money!

Thanks to their weight of only 24lbs, our scooters folds in 2 seconds and can easily be carried anywhere.

Features include:
– Front Regenerating Brake (a fancy word meaning that you recharge the battery while braking!)
– Front and rear suspensions (max weight 240lbs / 110kg)
– Horn & Front Light
– LED Display with odometer
– 18mph and up to 20 miles on 1 charge.

Long term rentals available, just pack the charger and plug it anywhere you find an outlet for a complete charge in less than 2hrs!

Available in green, black or white.

Proudly powered by U-Scooters.