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Phat Scooters

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Phat Scooters

Get ready for the future! Discover our Phat Scooters, 100% Electric and 300% fun scooters built for everyone.

Forget about slow and costly Segway® or even Self Balancing Scooters; this is THE BEST FUN money can buy in Venice Beach!
Thanks to their 72V/1200W electric assembly, these bad boys will go up to 20 mph and accommodate riders up to 400lbs in total security.

Features include:
– Full throttle control. Top speed +20 mph.
– 9.5′ ATV tires for a comfortable and secure ride.
– Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
– 100% Electric 1200W Motor.
– 30-50 miles range.

Both models Phatty Original and Phatty Sport are available for rent.

Long term rentals available, just pack the charger and plug it anywhere you find an outlet for a complete charge in less than 6hrs!

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