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Can my dog fit in the basket?2017-05-13T20:03:06-07:00

Small dogs (under 8lbs) can fit in the front basket. For bigger dogs, we propose a special trailer that can be attached to any bike!

Do I have to wear a helmet?2017-05-13T20:03:46-07:00

If you are over 18yo, it is your choice to wear one or not. (be safe, wear one!)
We will provide clean and colorful helmets to anyone, for free.

Under California law, participants under 18yo must wear a helmet.

Can you split the bill in a group?2017-05-13T20:03:30-07:00

Absolutely. If you are in a group, you will be able to pay separately for your rental with your own payment method.

What if my bike gets stolen?2017-05-13T20:04:45-07:00

You are responsible for the bike like if it was yours. We provide locks or U-locks for free to all rentals and we will give you tips on how and where to lock your bike properly. If by any unforeseen event your bike gets stolen, we will file a police report on your behalf against the thief and your security deposit will be charged.

Can I rent my bike overnight or for multiple days?2017-05-13T20:04:03-07:00

You sure can! We have the best 24hrs and weekly rates of Venice Beach.
Book your bike online normally and select your rental period, prices will update automatically. Max 1 week. (contact us if you need more time)

We will provide front and rear lights to all overnight rentals, for free!

Can I drop-off my bike at another location?2017-05-13T20:04:13-07:00

Unfortunately, no. We’d love to have multiple stores but for now, pickups/drop-offs are at the same location! 1915 Ocean Front Walk, Venice ca 90291.

Is there an age limit to rent?2017-05-13T20:03:38-07:00

We have bikes for all ages and sizes but participants under 18yo must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
Unfortunately, if you are 18yo and your friend 17yo, you cannot sign for him/her.

Under California Law, participants under 16yo cannot ride electric scooters. (without pedals)
However, electric bicycles (with pedals) can be ridden at any age!

More details on California Regulations HERE!


Do I have to sign a waiver?2017-05-13T20:03:53-07:00

Yes, at pickup you will have to sign our waiver; a copy can be found here for your information.
Legal guardians must sign for anyone under 18yo.

What if I lose my lock key?2017-05-13T20:02:51-07:00

If you lose your lock key, a $20 fee will be added to your rental. We provide excellent Kryptonite locks and other big brands; duplicating a key is costly.

Can you accommodate large groups?2017-05-13T20:03:13-07:00

We are pleased to work with large groups (10+ people), please contact us for details on rates and requirements.

Do all bikes come with baskets?2017-05-13T20:03:00-07:00

Yes, virtually all bikes come with a basket. Fixies, Road Bikes and some Fat Bikes and Tandems cannot host a basket due to the shape of the handlebar.

Do all bikes come with locks?2017-05-13T20:02:43-07:00

Yes, all rentals come with a free lock.

What if I end up renting less time?2017-05-13T20:02:35-07:00

We will refund the difference on the same debit/credit card or Paypal account used for bookings. That’s right, we are super awesome 🙂

What if I go over my rental period?2017-05-13T19:06:53-07:00

Don’t worry! You have a 10 minutes grace period; plus, if you go to the next hour price, you can pay for the difference directly at the store using cash or a debit/credit card.

What if I break or scratch something?2017-05-13T20:04:36-07:00

Don’t worry, we understand that incidents can happen! For reasonable damages, we won’t charge anything to you.

What are the requirements at pickup?2017-05-13T19:06:33-07:00

Please bring a valid form of ID (Passport or copy, Driver License, Military Card etc.). We will simply make a copy of it and give it back to you.

As collateral, you will be given 2 options:

Option 1) Leave your ID with us.
We can keep your ID as collateral during your rental period. One ID covers two rental items. If you come in a party of 3, please bring 2 IDs.

Option 2) Leave a Deposit.
Instead of keeping your ID, we will simply make a copy of it and give it back to you. As collateral, you will need to leave a security deposit using CASH or a DEBIT/CREDIT CARD.

Deposits are as follow:

  • $50 per adult bike, tandem, kid’s bike, trailer or stroller.
  • $300 per electric item.

Like a car rental company or a hotel, a deposit is not a charge but a hold placed on your funds; Deposits will be released upon complete return; you will then be able to pay for your rental with cash or the same card or any other Debit/Credit card.

What if I’m late at pickup?2017-05-13T19:06:40-07:00

Parking can be crazy in Venice! Please anticipate.
If you are late at pickup, we will keep your reservation for 1-hour. Please call us at (310) 954-0974 if you need more time.

After 1-hour and if you did not contact us, your bikes or other rental items may not be available. 

How can I cancel my booking?2017-05-13T19:06:22-07:00

If canceled over 12 hrs prior to your rental period; 100% of your order will be refunded.
Please send us an email to [email protected] for order cancellation or go directly to your account by login-in.

No refund if canceled under 12 hrs prior to arrival or after pick-up.