Hi Jon, 
I have another domain t=
hat we can use to park the old restore.
How could we do this?
Thank you,

Loic Conte

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On May 3, 2017, at 7:53 PM, Jon R. – WordPress.com <supp=
[email protected]> wrote:

Hi there,

We had to nuke our servers last week; We took advantage of this to change o=
ur WordPress theme for a complete website overhaul.

Now, we need the content of some specific pages from the old webs=
ite. When downloading a backup, most files have .old extensions. Even when d=
ecompressing them, nothing visible.

How can=
I get even the simple html content of a page?


Thanks for the message. Could you elaborate a bit about the=
.old extensions and what pages you are trying to get? If you want the actua=
l pages from your old WordPress site you will need to restore our backup to a=
WordPress site.

Please let us know if you h=
ave any further questions.

Thanks, Jon R.
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